Why Semi-Truck Drivers Should Know a Good Tow Truck Service

If you drive a semi-truck, you face more risks than the average driver out on the road. Between the larger rig, farther distances and limited visibility, you need to stay vigilant and have a backup plan if something goes wrong. It is really a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ that you will end up in need tow truck service. By learning the most common reasons semi-trucks break down, you will be more prepared in a worst-case scenario. 


One of the most common issues semi-truck drivers encounter is tire failure. The number of miles you put in along with the heavy loads you carry makes your tires vulnerable to blowouts. This risk increases when the tires are improperly inflated and poorly maintained. Before each trip, you should check the tire pressure of your semi-truck to make sure the pressure is both sufficient and evenly distributed. Semi-trucks should also have their tires regularly inspected and maintained by a professional. Even if you take every necessary precaution, you can still experience tire failure. Make sure you have the phone number of a trusted tow truck service on hand at all times. 

off road towing serviceBrakes

When a semi-truck uses the brakes, the entire weight of both the truck and whatever load is being carried puts extreme pressure on the brake system. This happens constantly on the many long journeys commercial trucks take. In addition, the long drives subject the brake system to plenty of harmful weather conditions. Rust, corrosion, air leaks and internal water contamination can increase the likelihood of brake failure. Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid the issue. 

Electric Issues

Due to the size of semi-trucks, they have much more complicated electrical systems. If the electrical connections to the starter motor, battery or alternator fail, the truck will break down. Dead or leaking batteries are often the cause of these issues so you should regularly inspect, test and replace batteries when necessary. When batteries leak, they give off a strange smell, so keep that in mind while out on the road. If you suspect any electrical issues, call a tow truck service to bring the truck in for service.


Semi-truck drivers often rely on cooling systems to protect the load they carry as well as keep the truck comfortable. Without a working cooling system, the truck can overheat and connections to the cooling system can break. Always make sure to keep an eye on the level of coolant in your truck and have it inspected to make sure there are no leaks before going out on the road. 

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Calling the Right Tow Truck Service

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