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Tow Truck Driver Services – Going Beyond Roadside Assistance

When most of us think about towing services, we typically imagine broken down car on the highway in need of roadside assistance. However, a tow truck driver does much more than bring damaged cars to the auto shop. From delivering heavy machinery to conducting forensic recovery, the wide range of tow truck services may be…
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What to Know Before Hiring a Heavy Hauling Company

Anytime a company needs to transport oversized materials or equipment, there is a lot to consider. Heavy hauling is an expensive and complicated task. Before you hire a company for their heavy hauling services, you’ll want to make sure they are the right company for the job. There are a variety of things that could…
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Towing and Recovery: The Role of Forensic Recovery

Forensic science is the process of scientifically examining the physical evidence of a crime scene. Towing and recovery play an important role in forensic recovery when it pertains to car accidents or any crime that involves a vehicle. Evidence cannot be mishandled or tampered with in any way before it is examined by the authorities.…
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Heavy Hauling: The History of the Tow Truck Industry

Bulky, heavy duty trucks. That is most likely the picture that comes to mind when you think of a heavy hauling tow truck. Though this is what they are today, the tow truck did not start out as a huge piece of moving machinery.The tow truck actually has a more luxurious history than you would…
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