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Roadside Assistance Safety Tips After Pulling Over

Out on the road, anything can happen. Even if you are the most careful or skilled driver, accidents happen. You may have car trouble and find yourself broken down on the side of the road. After something happens on the road, make sure all of the passengers are OK and take a deep breathe, as…
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Avoid Common Driving Mistakes and Stay on the Road

Because most of us drive almost every day, it can become something we think very little about. We are more concerned with getting from point A to point B that we can forget that driving can be very dangerous. The less we think about it, the more likely we are to develop bad habits and…
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Tire Blowouts – How to Avoid Them & Stay On The Road

One of the most frustrating and, unfortunately, common reasons to get stuck on the side of the road is a tire blowout. Not only is it inconvenient to break down, it can be quite dangerous when a tire blows out while driving. When it comes to tire blowouts, prevention is the best strategy. By properly…
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How to Avoid Damage While Using Towing Companies in NJ

If you are calling towing companies in NJ, chances are that your vehicle is damaged. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to sustain further damage while being towed, adding extra costs and stress to an already unfortunate situation. The best way to avoid is to hire a trusted tow truck company, however…
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